As Oxbridge coordinator for my state school in Derbyshire, I regularly attend training sessions at both Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Over the last five years, I have successfully prepared many students for the ELAT and for interviews. I provide guidance, up-to-date information, a wide range of resources as well as enthusiasm.

My highly focused preparation includes discussion of texts, past paper practice and feedback on how to tackle the tasks and the test. In addition, I can give them a mock interview.

I love teaching English literature and it is a real joy to be able help youngsters, many of whom thought that Oxbridge wouldn’t be interested in them, on their road to success.

My aim is to give as many students as possible the information, skills and experience to enable them to make successful applications to Oxbridge. Last year, seven students were offered places at Oxford and Cambridge to study a variety of subjects including Chemistry, Engineering, English, History, Medicine, Natural Science, Physics and PPE. I worked with all of them.

More often than not, students say, ‘I don’t have a chance of getting in.’

My reply is, “Well, if you don’t apply, you most certainly won’t! Why not give it a go?’

Contact: gaylewood1@gmail.com

 ELAT (English Literature Admissions Test)

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